Connection Systems 341 is a game about connecting nodes to take over a network.  An enemy AI is trying their best to stop you and take over your nodes.

Build new connections and delete your enemies connections to capture their home node before they capture yours.

Can you defeat the AI on all three of its legendary difficulty modes?  Find out in CS341.


The objective of the game is to capture the purple enemy's home node, denoted by its star shape, while preventing them from doing the same to your home node.

Nodes can be captured by having more friendly connections to them than the enemy has to their own nodes.  For instance, if you have two connections to a node and the enemy has only a single connection, you will eventually capture that node.

Each action you take consumes precious cyber-energy.  Energy recharges over time, so be sure to keep an eye on how much you have left!

If the enemy has a pesky connection preventing you from capturing a critical node, just save up some energy and disconnect them from that node to give yourself the advantage!

For a more hands-on introduction, try the in-game tutorial.


Left click on a blue node to start creating a connection.  Left click again on another node within range to complete the connection.  Take note that connections cannot cross other connections, and they cannot pass through nodes.

Right click on a node that you own, or an enemy node that you are connected to, to begin cutting a connection.  Right click another node connected to that one, indicated by the connections turning yellow-gold, to disconnect the two nodes.  Be careful, though, the AI can snip your connections as well!


CS341 - 21 MB


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Definitely better as a download then in browser. I accidentally back navigated a few times when trying ot right click on things. The game as a baseline is ok with some reasonable simple tactics. My biggest issue is multiple times I ended up in what I could only see as a stalemate. I couldn't get enough connections to really push the enemy lines, and they couldn't do the same to me. I'm assuming the levels are randomly created, if so, that is where I would see if I could do things to make the levels more interesting to play on. Still a cool little game, congrats.